About Us

Established in 1993 off Hwy 99 in the unincorporated area of Chapel Hill, Tn, Caney Spring Baptist Church strives to serve Christ in everything we do.  We want to be a church of action, making outreach through ministry at the forefront.  Our leadership is a reflection of Christ's teachings.  We welcome all to join us as we praise His name and expand upon His kingdom daily.


Our mission is to serve Christ, seek the lost, evangelize to them and outreach.  We do not treat the church as a safe haven, but as a home for the lost and weary to be found and strengthen.  We at Caney Spring Baptist Church have many ministries to include a Prayer Outreach Team, Witness Wardrobe, Youth Soccer Outreach and Information Outreach Team being utilized to go out into the communities to spread the word outside the walls of our church. Within our walls, we spread the truth of the Bible.  We reflect the leadership, love, humility and knowledge of Jesus Christ in order to help lead others to a meaningful relationship with Christ.


Truth, Love and Acceptance.  We value the Truth which is Word of God.  We love all that come through the doors seeking Christ.  We hate sin but love the sinner.  And we accept where you might be in your walk with Christ.  We always say, "come as you are but leave better than you came."

Caney Spring Baptist Church is a place where we are all welcome. We are a “come as you are” church. We welcome everyone with open arms. Our goal is to teach the written word. We have a Pastor who touches hearts by sharing God’s word. Come check us out for yourself. You’ll be so happy you did!

Laura Kelley

This is an awesome place. They are willing to help many with help after a fire here in Lewisburg, TN. Thank you many times!

Jillian Lowe

This is a wonderful group of people.

Dan Stanek