Youth Group

Our Youth Group is a group for young men and women from grade 7 - 12.  We are built on a foundation of Christ and utilize study time and fun time to experience Christ in a profound and reliable way.  This group is in the progress of rebuilding but leadership and structure is in place.  All we need is you!  Meeting times TBD soon!

Children's Ministry

Our Children's Ministry starts with Nursery services provided during Sunday School and both Morning and Evening Worship Services.  We are designing a Children's Church for our young one's to enjoy after worship and praise.  We also have our playground being built for the children to enjoy.  Throughout the year we will be expanding on family-friendly, Christ focused, Children programs.  

Ministry Groups

Are you looking for a group of believers to study with, talk with or just hang out with?  Caney Spring Baptist Church has ministry groups for all ages and genders.  These groups are all inclusive.  Whether you journey has just begun or you are a more seasoned Christian, we have a ministry group for you. 

Women's Group

Ladies get together and explore the Bible as women of God.  This will be a group designed for women of the community and led by the women of the church.  No matter where you are in your relationship with Christ, this is the place to find guidance, education, mentorship, and friends.  Meetings every Thursday @ 6pm

Men's Group

Men, we must come together and become stronger leaders for the next generation to emulate.  We can only do so by fellowshipping with one another, keeping one another accountable, learning from each other, and studying the Bible.  Let us honor our position as Christian leaders and get together to study the Bible.  Meetings every Thursday @ 6pm

Wednesday Bible Trivia

Every Wednesday night, Pastor Rocky and brings Bible Trivia to the church.  Our goal is to further educate one another about the Bible in a fun and competitive atmosphere.  We laugh and we learn.  Anyone is welcome to come and join in.  Wednesday nights @ 6pm.