Outreach Ministries

Caney Spring Baptist Church has three main outreach ministries that we maintain year-round.  Those ministries are Witness Wardrobe, Prayer Outreach and our Information Outreach.  However, we are always doing annual, bi-annual, quarterly outreach events.  See our events page for those specialty outreach events.

Witness Wardrobe

Every Third Friday and Saturday of Month.   Friday 4p-7p  Saturday 9a-1p

Founded in July of 2014, Witness Wardrobe has been a lightning rod ministry of Caney Spring Baptist Church.  This ministry utilizes donations of clothes, accessories, toys and misc. items and sorts them to allow the surrounding communities to come and take what they need.  Thousands of families have been helped and ministered to in the process of this simple but exciting ministry.  If you would like to volunteer, click the button below or see Ms. Brenda Vea.

Prayer Outreach

First Tuesday of Month @ 6pm

This group of Prayer Warriors meets at the church on every first Tuesday of the month and simply goes out to homes and meets with the community.  They don't sell them our church but talk to them about their needs and their prayer requests.  It is an amazing way for us as Christians to connect through prayer and fellowship with the community outside the brick and mortar of our safe space.  Contact Pastor Rocky Kelley for details.

Information Outreach

On Going

This is a unique ministry outreach because it has different moving parts to it.  This ministry is about making sure communication is getting out to the public, whether they are members or not. You can volunteer to be part of our newsletter creators, our social media team, our website updaters, our marketing team, or be a volunteer when we go out and distribute flyers and do information tables in the community.  There is a lot of creative and outreach potential here.  to volunteer and/or for more information, contact Ms. Laura Kelley.